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Asian American Law Journal (Law Journals and Related Materials)

ISSN 1939-8417

The Asian American Law Journal (AALJ) is one of only two law journals in the United States focusing on Asian American communities in its publication agenda. Known as the Asian Law Journal until 2007, AALJ was first published in October 1993 in a joint publication with the California Law Review. AALJ's first independent issue was published in May 1994.

"We give testimony. Our noise is dangerous." - Janice Mirikitani

Berkeley Business Law Journal (Law Journals and Related Materials)

ISSN 1548-7067


BBLJ is the num­ber one com­mer­cial law jour­nal in the coun­try and the only stu­dent orga­ni­za­tion at Berke­ley Law focused on busi­ness law. With a mem­ber­ship base over one hun­dred stu­dents, BBLJ is one of the largest jour­nals at Berke­ley Law. The Jour­nal works to con­nect pro­fes­sors, prac­ti­tion­ers and stu­dents through a print jour­nal, a daily blog, and var­i­ous events. For information about the the editorial board, submissions, or membership, please click on the links to the right.

Berkeley Journal of African-American Law & Policy (Berkeley Journal of African-American Law & Policy)

ISSN 1086-6620

The Berkeley Journal of African-American Law & Policy (BJALP) is dedicated to addressing legal and policy issues that affect African-American communities and people of color, in general. The Journal deals with such matters as constitutional law, criminal justice, civil rights, African-American participation in the political process, the death penalty, fair housing, economic development in African-American communities, African immigration to the United States, health issues that affect African-Americans, as well as issues affecting Africa and the African Diaspora. BJALP welcomes all relevant submissions, including scholarly articles, student-authored notes and comments, book reviews, and essays.

"The publication will work toward ultimately improving conditions for African-American communities by infusing intellectual discourse with provocative and innovative scholarship, thus deepening thinking about policy options and choices."

To this end, BJALP publishes annually each Spring and hosts symposia aimed at the UC Berkeley campus, the surrounding communities, and the legal field, generally.

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Berkeley Journal of Criminal Law (Law Journals and Related Materials)

Founded in 2000, the Berkeley Journal of Criminal Law is the premier criminal law review in the western United States. BJCL is at the core of Berkeley's vibrant criminal law community, which also includes the Berkeley Center for Criminal Justice, the Death Penalty Clinic, Advocates for Youth Justice, and students who are ideologically diverse but uniformly dedicated to excellence in criminal law.

BJCL provides a vital forum for the discussion of regional, national, and international criminal law issues. Since its inception, the journal has published cutting-edge scholarship by professors, judges, research fellows, clerks, and law students from throughout the country. Submissions from practitioners are also welcomed. BJCL operates under the advisement of Berkeley Law faculty and is available in print (through Vol. 15.1, Spring 2010) and on LexisNexis, Westlaw, and HeinOnline. In addition to its fall and spring issues, BJCL publishes the California Annual Review, a yearly review of the most pressing issues in California criminal law.

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Berkeley Journal of Employment & Labor Law (Law Journals and Related Materials)

The Berkeley Journal of Employment and Labor Law ("BJELL") is the leading law review for employment and labor law scholarship. BJELL articles address a range of legal issues of interest to both scholars and practitioners. Topics include employment discrimination, labor law, public sector employment, employee benefits, and workforce participation. The Journal, published twice a year, includes scholarly articles, student-authored comments and case notes, book reviews, and topical essays.

BJELL’s mission is to provide a forum for academics and practitioners to discuss emerging developments in the field. In addition, BJELL is committed to helping students connect with attorneys working in the employment and labor fields.

Berkeley Journal of Entertainment and Sports Law (Law Journals and Related Materials)

Berkeley J. of Entertainment & Sports Law

The Berkeley Journal of Entertainment & Sports Law (BJESL) is dedicated to providing a multifarious selection of intellectual and practical discussions from scholars, practitioners, and students on legal issues that contemporaneously impact various entertainment industries, domestically and internationally. As an interactive and electronic law review, BJESL presents a unique platform for rich discourse on legal topics regarding copyright, trademark, art, sports, film and television, communications and broadcast media, First Amendment, right to privacy, music, antitrust and unfair competition, and contracts, among others.

Berkeley Journal of Gender, Law & Justice (Law Journals and Related Materials)

ISSN 1933-1045

The Berkeley Journal of Gender, Law & Justice, a continuation of Berkeley Women’s Law Journal, was founded in 1984 by a group of students at the University of California, Berkeley School of Law who came together with a vision of “preserving our voices of diversity and maintaining our commitment to social change within the often-stifling confines of a law school environment.”

Now in its thirtieth year of publication, BGLJ is guided by an editorial policy that distinguishes us from other law reviews and feminist journals. Our mandate is to publish feminist legal scholarship that critically examines the intersection of gender with one or more axis of subordination, including, but not limited to, race, class, sexual orientation, and disability.

Because conditions of inequality are continually changing, our mandate is also continually evolving. Pieces may come within the mandate because of their subject matter or because of their analytical attention to differences in social location among women.

BGLJ currently publishes two issues annually, one in the winter and one in the summer. Past articles are available on Westlaw and Lexis. BGLJ should be cited as BERKELEY WOMEN’S L.J. for Volumes 1 to 19 and BERKELEY J. GENDER L. & JUST. for Volume 20 and all subsequent issues.

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Berkeley Journal of International Law (Law Journals and Related Materials)

The Berkeley Journal of International Law (BJIL) is recognized as a leading international law journal in the United States. BJIL infuses international legal scholarship and practice with new ideas to address today's complex challenges. BJIL is committed to publishing high-impact pieces from established and newer scholars likely to be referenced and relied on for a cutting edge approach to topics of international and comparative law. As the center of Berkeley's international law community, BJIL hosts professional and social events which engage likeminded students, academics, and practitioners in pressing international legal issues.

The Berkeley Journal of International Law is edited and produced by students at the University of California, Berkeley, School of Law. BJIL's twice-yearly journal publishes a broad range of scholarship that spans public international, private international, and comparative law disciplines. In addition to publication, BJIL organizes the annual Stefan A. Riesenfeld Symposium, through which leading scholars and practitioners assemble to address pressing international legal issues.

Berkeley Journal of Middle Eastern & Islamic Law (Law Journals and Related Materials)

The Berkeley Journal of Middle Eastern & Islamic Law is a digital, student-run publication of the University of California, Berkeley, School of Law.

Berkeley La Raza Law Journal (Law Journals and Related Materials)

The La Raza Law Journal produces knowledge designed to capture the imagination of legislators, stir the consciences of judges, and provide a dynamic tool for practitioners concerned with the impact of their work on behalf of the Latinx community.

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Berkeley Technology Law Journal (Law Journals and Related Materials)

ISSN 1086-3818

The Berkeley Technology Law Journal is a student-run publication of the UC Berkeley School of Law (Boalt Hall) focused on intellectual property, high-tech, and biotech. It is published four times a year. BTLJ strives to keep judges, policymakers, practitioners, and the academic community abreast of this dynamic field.

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California Law Review (California Law Review)

The California Law Review is the preeminent legal publication at the University of California, Berkeley, School of Law (Boalt Hall). Founded in 1912, CLR publishes six times annually on a variety of engaging topics in legal scholarship. The law review is edited and published entirely by students at Berkeley Law.

Ecology Law Quarterly (Law Journals and Related Materials)

Produced by students at Berkeley Law, Ecology Law Quarterly is one of the nation’s most respected and widely read environmental law journals.