2014 Fall - Law 216


132 Boalt Hall

Start Date

13-10-2014 12:15 PM

End Date

13-10-2014 1:55 PM


Workshop Video:

Part I: Cooter's introduction of the theoretical background of the paper ends at 00:32:10 minutes.

Part II: Krishnamurthy's presentation begins at 00:34:00 minutes.

You may choose to view a particular section of the video by clicking on the time-lapse control bar at the bottom of the screen. Please also download the slides file below for viewing with the video.


Law_EconTalk_10132014.pdf (938 kB)
Presentation slides


Oct 13th, 12:15 PM Oct 13th, 1:55 PM

Stereotypes and Affirmative Action in Higher Education Admissions

132 Boalt Hall