Writing of a senior colleague in international law whom he greatly admired, Jon Van Dyke referred to him as a dreamer-but a dreamer "many of [whose] dreams have come true."1 It would be impossible to conjure up a better description of Jon himself. In a brilliant career of teaching, research, and activism, he made an enormous number of lasting contributions to the advancement of both legal scholarship and the public weal. While the sheer volume of his writings lends him special distinction among his contemporaries in his several research fields, it is more important that we remember what made him nearly unique: it was the extraordinary range and scope of his research accomplishments. In any assessment of his legacy to legal scholarship, as I attempt in this study, one must get beyond these quantitative and "wingspan" aspects of his contributions, however, and remember that the transcendent characteristic of his work was its scholarly excellence. Jon's legacy to legal scholars-or, more accurately, his several legacies-consists of writings that will long stand in the literature as enduring contributions to both local and global discourses, speaking to key issues of law, policy, and ethics.

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