A report on desegregation in Chicago, Ill condensed from a study, 'Race and the Public Schools of Chicago,' prepared for the US Office of Educ in 1965. Chicago's 930,000 Negroes are nearly all living in racially homogeneous neighborhoods, constituting at least 26% of the pop. Negro children account for 52.1% of the public Sch enrollment. De facto segregation was unsuccessfully challenged in the 1950's. In 1963-65, it became a sharply controversial matter through 2 reports, one prepared by a commission headed by Robert Havighurst for the Board of Educ, & another, the Hauser Report, prepared by a commission headed by Philip Hauser (Dept of Sociol, U of Chicago, Ill) following a court decision. Negro groups organized direct action against the General Superintendent of Sch's, Benjamin Willis, until he resigned in Sep 1963. In 1964 the Board adopted an integration plan based on the recommendations of the Hauser Report, but took no action to implement it. Ed's POSTSCRIPT, notes that on Aug 23, 1967, the Board accepted the 'Redmond Plan,' prepared by James F. Redmond, adopted its short-term integration proposals with minor changes, & approved feasibility studies for its longterm proposals. I. Langnas.

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