A report on Sch desegregation in Evanston, 111, condensed from a study on 'Illinois Elementary District 65,' conducted in 1965 for the US Office of Educ. Evanston has a pop of 80,000, of which 11.5% are Negroes. The Negro pop is for the most part residentially segregated & has a Md fam income signif'ly lower than the city mean/average ($5,607 as against $9,193). There have been only minor civil rights disturbances, centered around the single & integrated HSch, until 1964, when a Sch bond issue proposal was transformed into a controversy over de facto segregation. Out of 17 elementary Sch's, one was 99% Negro, one 67%, & 3 30 to 45% The bond proposals would maintain the existing pattern. Under pressure from the NAACP, the Ur League & whit,) church leaders, the bond plan was changed by the Board of Educ to include an overall timetable for the integration of all Sch's. The bond issue was carried by a vote of 4.5 to 1. Ed's POSTSCRIPT reports that a plan for the integration of the whole Sch system was adopted by the Board & the attendant bussing was approved by a vote of 92.5% of the 90% of the parents involved. I. Langnas.

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