We are honored to introduce Ecology Law Quarterly's 2011-12 Annual Review of Environmental and Natural Resource Law. Now in its fourteenth year, the Annual Review is the product of a collaboration of many. First, there are the scholars who form the core of the University of California, Berkeley School of Law's renowned environmental law program. Their research and teaching depends in part upon the resources, financial and otherwise, of Berkeley Law's Center for Law, Energy and the Environment. Second, Berkeley Law attracts, trains and nurtures some of the nation's finest and most dedicated future environmental lawyers; it is those students who comprise ELQ's editorial board and membership, which in turn produces the Annual Review. ELQ is the leading journal in the field because of the students' passion and commitment. Three students deserve special recognition for their role in this year's Annual Review. Soon to be members of the profession, Leah Rindner, Jill Jaffe, and Nell Green Nylen devoted a large portion of their final year of law school assisting and advising the student authors. The Annual Review is infused with their talent and insights.

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