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The Housing Clinic


Even before Javier Mabrey first set foot in the East Bay Community Law Center’s Housing Clinic (the “Clinic”), he was no stranger to housing law. Javier was raised by a single mother who, due to her mental disabilities and low income, struggled to keep Javier and his brother housed. By the time Javier was sixteen, his family had been evicted on several occasions. For months at a time, they lived in cars, on friends’ couches, or in budget motels. Only ten years after his family had struggled with homelessness, Javier was using civil litigation to defend families very much like his own from eviction.

The Clinic’s eviction defense practice is an excellent experiential course in civil litigation. Court-certified students write and argue motions, prepare and take depositions, and second-chair trials in court, all in the context of one of the most competitive rental markets in the country. Their work at the Clinic equips them with valuable lawyering and personal skills, while significantly expanding the Clinic’s ability to serve distressed tenants.



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