Aims & Scope


To provide an open forum for the analysis of legal issues affecting the Latinx community.

We appreciate the diversity of the Latinx community in the United States in terms of national origin, socio-economic status, political viewpoint, sexual orientation and professional pursuits. Our publication and symposia provide opportunities for the expression of such diversity and for discourse among divergent views.

To publish articles written by Latinx students, scholars and practitioners.

Submissions are accepted from students, practitioners, and scholars of all racial and ethnic backgrounds. Due to the low numbers of Latinxs in legal education, the Journal particularly supports the voices of Latinx scholars in legal academia.

To serve as a legal research resource.

Through our articles and our symposia, we strive to provide current scholarly research to aid students and practitioners who work on legal issues of importance to Latinxs.

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In 2007, we launched our new undergraduate fellow program, which introduces U.C. Berkeley undergraduates to the production of critical legal knowledge and provides valuable opportunities to meet and interact with lawyers, legal scholars and others who have dedicated their lives to the Latinx community.