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17-11-2017 2:12 PM

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17-11-2017 3:22 PM


Moderator: Daniel B. Kohrman, Senior Attorney, AARP Foundation
Panelists: Ifeoma Ajunwa, Assistant Professor, Organizational Behavior Department, Cornell School of Industrial and Labor Relations
Toni S. Locklear, Ph.D., Vice President, Southern Region, Litigation Practice Leader, APTMetrics
Laurie A. McCann, Senior Attorney, AARP Foundation Litigation
P. Casey Pitts, Attorney, Altshuler Berzon LLP

The ADEA’s legislative history shows that Congress and the US Labor Department considered hiring barriers for older workers the chief evil they intended the Act to dismantle. Fifty years on, the ADEA deserves credit for eliminating explicit age limits in job announcements and most mandatory retirement policies, but new, technologically advanced hiring barriers are flourishing. Panelists will address emerging challenges posed by online recruiting and applications, as well as applicant screens based on complex algorithms. The panel will also discuss grounds for believing that computerized employment processes – a.k.a. “big data” – can and will lessen age bias in hiring or whether it may simply create new forms of entrenched ageism in hiring and new means to discriminate against older workers.

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Panel 4: Tech Progress that Enables Age Bias: Discrimination in Hiring and Big Data’s Potential to Limit Opportunities for Older Workers