Start Date

17-11-2017 1:00 PM

End Date

17-11-2017 2:10 PM


Panelists: Carol J. Garvan, Attorney, Johnson Webbert & Young
Sandra Sperino, Associate Dean of Faculty and Professor of Law, University of Cincinnati College of Law
Cathy Ventrell-Monsees, Senior Attorney Advisor, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Although we commemorate the 50th anniversary of the ADEA this year, state statutes prohibiting age discrimination in employment existed as early as 1903. The ADEA’s architects acknowledged both the importance and success of the state laws that preceded the ADEA and the need for continuing state regulation. Accordingly, Congress made clear that the ADEA was intended to provide a floor of protection and encouraged the states to surpass it. This panel will explore the critical partnership between the federal and state governments in eliminating age discrimination in the workplace. In addition, panelists will discuss the experience of age discrimination claimants under state laws without a minimum age for coverage and those that cover age discrimination along with other forms of discrimination under a single, comprehensive civil rights statute.

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Nov 17th, 1:00 PM Nov 17th, 2:10 PM

Panel 3: The Role of State Statutes in Combatting Age Discrimination in the Workplace: The Sky’s the Limit