Article Submissions

The Berkeley Journal of Criminal Law publishes on an ongoing basis and is completely digital (though authors can get hard-copy prints). Our Fall edition is published in January and our Spring Edition is published in June. Authors who would like to submit articles for consideration should follow the instructions below.

We seek submissions from scholars, students, and practitioners in both the private and public sectors. In addition to traditional scholarly articles, BJCL will consider book reviews, practice-oriented pieces, and student notes. While the journal publishes work covering a broad range of traditional topics in both substantive and procedural criminal law, we are also interested in articles that discuss issues unique to California and other western states.

The Berkeley Journal of Criminal Law is currently accepting submissions for publication in our 15th edition (to be published in January 2011).

BJCL welcomes submissions from professors, practitioners, research fellows, clerks, and judges.

BJCL is one of the first legal journals to have instituted a Faculty Advisory Committee, which reviews articles we accept for publication. If you publish with our journal, you will have the benefit of peer review of your scholarship by leading criminal law faculty at Boalt Hall.

Please e-mail submissions to our Submissions Editor at: bjclsubmissions@gmail.com.

Thank you for your interest in publishing with BJCL.