Aims and Scope

The Berkeley Journal of International Law invites submissions of original manuscripts on issues relating to comparative law, foreign affairs, and public and private international law.

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How to Submit

BJIL accepts submissions electronically only. We prefer to receive submissions through ExpressO, though we still accept submissions through Scholastica and email ( bjilsubmissions@law.berkeley.edu). Student authors should consult the special directions below for submitting Notes.

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General Requirements and Article Format

Manuscripts are accepted with the understanding that their content is unpublished. If any part of a paper has already been published, or is to be published elsewhere, the author must include this information at the time of submission. BJIL welcomes the submission of articles 7,000 words or longer, including footnotes. In our experience, most authors are best able to convey their point in 20,000 to 30,000 words and appropriately support their argument with about 190 to 250 footnotes. Accordingly, manuscripts within those bounds are most likely to receive publication offers. Manuscripts longer than 35,000 words are strongly discouraged. Citations should conform to the most recent edition of The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation, and authors should be prepared to supply any cited sources upon request. All manuscripts must be in Microsoft Word-compatible format. In addition to the article, authors should also include their current CV, an abstract of the article, and a cover letter containing the following information: • All contact information for the author(s) including email address and phone number; • Word count (including footnotes), number of footnotes, and number of sources cited; and • An explanation of the contribution the article will make to the field.

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BJIL accepts and reviews articles on a rolling basis every submissions cycle until the issue is filled. We aim to begin reviewing articles by October 20th for publication the following spring and by January 1st for publication the following fall.

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Expedited Review

BJIL’s Submissions Committee strives to give full and careful consideration to every article it receives and to inform authors of all final decisions in the timeliest manner possible. While we work to accommodate requests for expedited review, the Committee generally cannot guarantee a response within a specific deadline.

Please direct requests for expedited review to the Submissions Editors by bjilsubmissions@law.berkeley.edu with the label “EXPEDITED REVIEW” and the title of the article in the subject heading. Requests should specify (1) the journals that have accepted the article, (2) the deadlines those journals have given the authors, and (3) the latest possible date and time the author can receive a response.

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Student Submissions


Thank you for your interest in submitting your Student Note for publication in the Berkeley Journal of International Law. In each issue, BJIL aims to publish at least one piece of student scholarship, in order to provide students with the opportunity to publish valuable scholarship on topics of international law. BJIL publishes a fall and spring issue each year and has two submissions cycles for Student Notes. Submissions are reviewed anonymously by BJIL submissions editors and final decisions are made in consultation with the Editors-in-Chief. For guidelines on submitting a student note, click here.


BJIL invites submissions on issues relating to comparative law, foreign affairs, public international law, and private international law. BJIL considers the merits of the individual Note as well as how the piece contributes to the diversity of the issue for which it is under consideration. As a result, if we have already selected an article for publication in a particular issue, we may not choose to publish a Student Note on a similar topic in the same issue. Submissions should be extremely well researched, have a focused topic, provide balanced analysis with arguments and counterarguments, without conclusory claims, and be written in a clear, engaging manner that would be appropriate for the broad-based readership of the journal. Submissions should not exceed 14,000 words, including footnotes.

Submission Requirements

To preserve anonymity, student submissions and cover sheets must contain no identifying information and be sent to bjilstudentnotes@gmail.com. However, if you have any questions about the submissions cycle or process, please email the submissions editors at bjilsubmissions@law.berkeley.edu.

Please include:

1. A double-spaced Word document of your comment, including title and abstract

2. A cover sheet with the following information:
a. The title of your piece, an abstract, and word count
b. An explanation of the contribution that your article or thesis makes to the field

3. The email subject line “Student Note Submission: [Title of Paper].” Include your complete contact information in the body of the email.

Submission Timeline

All Berkeley Law students may submit Notes starting with the Spring issue deadline during their 2L year. BJIL also welcomes Note submissions from LLM and PhD students, as well as recent Berkeley Law graduates.

BJIL is currently accepting student notes for publication in the Spring, 2015 issue. Student submissions for the Spring, 2015 issue will close on December 19.


Authors will receive notification of a publication decision within one month of the submission deadline.

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