The Berkeley Journal of African-American Law & Policy (BJALP) is dedicated to addressing legal and policy issues that affect African-American communities and people of color, in general. The Journal deals with such matters as constitutional law, criminal justice, civil rights, African-American participation in the political process, the death penalty, fair housing, economic development in African-American communities, African immigration to the United States, health issues that affect African-Americans, as well as issues affecting Africa and the African Diaspora. BJALP welcomes all relevant submissions, including scholarly articles, student-authored notes and comments, book reviews, and essays.

"The publication will work toward ultimately improving conditions for African-American communities by infusing intellectual discourse with provocative and innovative scholarship, thus deepening thinking about policy options and choices."

To this end, BJALP publishes annually each Spring and hosts symposia aimed at the UC Berkeley campus, the surrounding communities, and the legal field, generally.

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Senior Editors

Danielle C. Pierre
Ruth Merisier
Senior Articles Editor
Jerel Dawson